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Relational Concept Analysis (RCA) is an extension of the Formal Concept Analysis process to consider several contexts and relations between them. RCAExplore is a reference implementation of RCA offering new ways of dealing with relations.

Relational Context Family Editor

The tool

RCAExplore is developed in Java. It is currently under development but a version will be released as soon as license issues are resolved. It will be free and licensed under LGPL. It proposes a Relational Context Family editor, an interactive Concept Lattice Family generator and a Concept Lattice Family browser.


The novelty behind RCAExplore is the ability to modify the data considered before each iteration of RCA process. At each step of the process you can choose :

  • the algorithm used chosing your algorithm
  • the scaling operatorchosing your scaling operator
  • the considered contextschosing contexts


The tool is currently developed by Xavier Dolques. Part of the code is coming from erca, an RCA implementation for eclipse by Jean-Rémy Falleri, and the AOC-poset generation algorithm has been implemented by Alain Gutierrez.

The tool also uses the library colt


The tool is developped under the LGPL license.