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A first version of RCAExplore

You can now find in the download section a first version of the RCAExplore along with the code source. Note that the current version is relying on the colt library from CERN (

In this version, you will find the following main features :

  • A graphical RCF editor
  • Export formats for RCF
    • LaTeX
    • galicia format
  • Different algorithms to compute concept posets
    • Add Intent to compute lattice and iceberg lattices
    • ARES to compute AOC-posets
    • ARES adaptations to compute AC-posets and OC-posets
  • Several scaling operators
  • A graphical interface to visualize concept posets
  • Concepts posets output in XML and Graphviz formats
  • ...

This work is distributed "as is" under the LGPL. Keep in mind that it's a research tool and it's still a work in progress.


Here is the latest version of RCAExplore (12 oct 2015):

  • a binary version for all platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac...): download
  • the java code source: download